Communication, Reliability, Experience, and Flexibility are the cornerstones of DMTB’s customer service experience. With over 40 years of proven ability, DMTB adapts to our customer’s needs.

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Carrier Relations

We understand the importance of working with carriers and their teams of drivers and dispatchers. At DMTB, we apply 3 guiding principles to our entire business: Service, Stability, and Integrity

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Your Freight is Protected.

The secure nature of the CargoNet system gives our clients the necessary peace of mind to share data which as a critical component of combating cargo crime. DMTB provides this service to all customers.

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Award Winning Performance

Des Moines Truck Brokers, Inc. has been recognized by several industry publications with the following awards:

  • Red Book – “Business Character Award” and 4 star rating (the highest available)
  • Blue Book – 4X rating on ethics and business (also the highest available)
  • Gold Book – recognized as Top 1% of Brokers in the USA
  • NASTC – recognized as NASTC Best Broker Since 1994, name Best Broker of the Year in 2009 & 2013
  • Compunet – TIA Gold Broker Award Since 1998