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Des Moines Truck Brokers, Inc. (DMTB) is Iowa’s 1st and most nationally recognized 3PL. With a dedication to our on-time deliveries and a reputation for paying carriers quickly, we offer the ultimate in service to our customers and carriers because we know that our service is what sets us apart!

Our knowledgeable team offers more than a century of transportation and traffic management experience to help ensure excellent customer satisfaction. Our Account Executives and Account Managers focus on providing creative and unique solutions for each of our customers, while our Carrier Coordinators assure the safety and dependability of each of our qualified motor carriers.

Committed to Exceeding Our Customers Expectations.

As one of the first licensed freight brokers in the United States, DMTB provides long-lasting strength. With a 97% customer retention rate, many clients have loyally relied on us for more than 40 years. We maintain our strong reputation by keeping current with cutting edge technology that helps us move thousands of truckloads every year in 48 states, Canada, and Mexico.

We keep it simple and are dedicated to on-time deliveries and consistent competitive pricing. Our large nationwide carrier network, highest credit and ethics rating and $250,000 surety bond add to your trust.

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Industry News

General information about the transportation/logistics industry.

Mexican Border Issues effecting Nogales Produce

Mexican Customs in Nogales has been experiencing major delays due to a system wide software update in the whole country. As a result of this update, interruptions in the service have been experienced in Nogales. FPAA met this morning with CAADES and other local partners to address the issue.

As of late morning on January 12, 2016, FPAA has been told that Mexican Customs has addressed the software issue and that crossings have resumed.

In order to compensate for these delays and to facilitate a higher volume of crossings, FPAA has requested that SAT and US Customs authorize overtime of two hours per day until the software issue can be shown to be resolved.


Happy Thanksgiving from DMTB

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday! Please be safe while traveling and remember to share the road and be mindful of trucks as they keep our country moving.

Holiday Hours:

Wednesday – 8-5

Thursday – Closed

Friday – 8- TBD/early afternoon with short staffing

Saturday – 8-Noon with short staffing

As always, DMTB will have someone available 24hrs for any emergencies. 800-247-2514

Jimmy at Transportation Intermediaries Association

Jimmy is attending TIA Industry Leaders conference Monday and Tuesday followed by their Fall Board Meeting Wednesday and Thursday in Houston, TX. There will be about 20 to 25 of TIA’s larger company CEO’s and GM’s attending. This will set the course for future offerings through TIA. It will also give DMTB a leg up by being on top of current and future industry issues.

DMTB At IMTA’s Dan Baker Seminar

Marc Newman of Capital City Fruit and Jim Walstrom of DMTB with Dan Baker. Whitney and Brian are also attending the seminar from DMTB.

Dan Baker is a noted speaker, teacher and consultant to the trucking industry due to his approach of focusing on the people side of trucking.  His work is always funny, stimulating and full of ideas.  This in-depth presentation will focus around the following sessions:

  • Current Driver Situation And how to build the kind of company that drivers want to work for.
  • Dealing With the Emerging Generational IssuesAnd how to attract, appeal to and deal with the younger generations seeking entrance into our work-ethic culture.
  • Dealing With Organizational StructureAnd how to fix the system instead of blaming the systems or others.
  • Dealing With Ourselves As a PersonAnd starting the on-going process of growing into a fear free person who can get out of your own way and do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.


Whitney Attends IMTA Leadership Class

Whitney DeMatteis-Des Moines Truck Brokers-1

Congratulations to Whitney for successfully completing the Iowa Motor Truck Association’s Leadership Class! DMTB has great respect for the program. Jimmy, Ben, Eric and now Whitney have all completed the Leadership Class.



Press Release


For More Information –

DeAnn Moody

Iowa Motor Truck Association

(515) 244-5193


Des Moines, IowaWhitney DeMatteis, Des Moines Truck Brokers recently completed a four-session Leadership Class hosted by the Iowa Motor Truck Association.


The Iowa Motor Truck Association was established in 1942 and has been the voice of the trucking industry since that time. The Iowa Motor Truck Association represents over 750 trucking companies from across the state of Iowa and has members in all 99 counties. In Iowa alone, over 78% of all communities depend 100% on trucks for the delivery of goods and services they depend upon. The trucking industry’s association office is headquartered in Des Moines and sits at the foot of Iowa’s State Capitol.


As a member of the 2014 IMTA Leadership Class, Whitney has taken a few days during the last year to participate in various leadership sessions held at the IMTA headquarters.  These sessions were set up with presenters from the industry and panelist from the IMTA membership.  Some session topics included; Understanding Value of Lobbying and Legislative Issues, Strengthening Your Communication Skills, Business Writing Skills, Leadership is an Art and Identifying your own Leadership Style.


Our leadership class participants are the up and coming individuals in this industry.  We are pleased that Whitney was able to provide leadership and insight to our organization through involvement in the 2014 Leadership Class and we look forward to continued support and involvement in the association,” said Brenda Neville, President & CEO, Iowa Motor Truck Association.