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Charity Challenge Winners – DMTB to Double Donations!

cmsimg_1357331247Below are the final standings for this years Charity Bracket Challenge. Thank you to everyone who participated, hopefully we can continue to grow this each year.

After hearing the charities who had been selected and their reasons why, we have decided to double the donations. Here are your winners and the charities they chose:

Dan Roepke – the TRK Group - $500

Dan Chose to donate to St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Student Center in Ames, IA. In the heart of Iowa State Universities campus, Dan says that for many students it is their “home away from home.”

Elizabeth Braun – William F. Braun Milk Hauling Inc. – $300

Elizabeth chose the American Syringomyelia & Chiari Alliance Project ( This organization touches her personally and we would like to share with you her story: “I have chosen this charity because it is dear to me. In 2002 I was diagnosed with an Arnold Chiari brain malformation (basically my skull didn’t fully form and my brain is trying to fall out and put pressure on my spinal cord). At the time this disorder was not very well known and was not generally found in adults or without other disorders linked to it such a cerebral palsy. The disorder can cause a multitude of symptoms ranging from a mild headache, memory loss, mobility issues all the way up to paralysis if not treated. Currently I deal with a constant mild headache on a daily basis which some days those will turn into a severe migraine. I will eventually have to have surgery, but at the current time I am just dealing with what comes day by day. The main reason I chose this charity is not necessarily because of my experiences with the disorder, but more for the young children that are dealing with this. Some of them have worse symptoms than I do and deserve a fighting chance in this world and the hope for a cure.”  We wish her the best and hopefully we can help raise some awareness.


Matt Barker – Fareway Stores – $200

Matt is involved in and would like to donate to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Iowa. Matt wants the money to go towards food for the kids, many do not get an evening meal when they return home. “It’s very important for youngsters to feel cared about and have a positive influence to look up to.”

2014 Bracket Final

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Weather Alert – 2/4/14


A band of snow will hit the Midwest tomorrow and Des Moines is expected to be on the north edge of the storm. Heavy snow is predicted between 2PM and 11PM Tuesday with projections of 5 inches for Des Moines and heavier amounts as you go south. Winds are expected to pick up Tuesday night into Wednesday. While not a blizzard, this will still be a very dangerous storm, especially when you add in frigid below zero temps for Wednesday morning. 

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Have all of your drivers filed their Medical Examiner’s Certificates?

Have all of your drivers filed their Medical Examiner’s Certificates with their State Licensing Agency?

Quick non-measured inspection January 30, 2014 is the last day your driver can file their medical examiner’s certificate with his or her State Drivers Licensing Agency (SDLA) to insure their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) remains valid.

All but a few states have set up their licensing programs to receive CDL drivers’ medical certification documentation and are able to input that information into the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS).

Any driver that has not filed a current valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate with their SDLA by midnight on January 30, 2014 will have their CDL and/or CDL Learner’s Permit revoked.

It is important to communicate this information to all of your drivers IMMEDIATELY and insure that the driver has complied with this new regulation.

Failure of a driver to submit his/her Medical Examiner’s documentations to his/her SDLA may result in the driver being placed out of service at an inspection site until the driver can get their CDL or CDLP reinstated. This can take anywhere from a few hours to several days depending on the state in which the driver’s license was issued. It may very well mean that the motor carrier may be required to send a replacement driver with a valid CDL to drive the vehicle away from the inspection site.

Such a violation will result in their FMCSA CSA/SMS’s Driver Fitness Basic Score to spike based on just one violation of this nature.

We encourage each of our member companies to be PROACTIVE and make sure each of your drivers have complied with this new rule.

The full Notice of Final Rule can be found at: (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?f=001KILGpKTZogcqtjepbSOqz5BMJ4Myso590aGuJs0O58vPdMYR3pGF89yYF3zpT6fQXyohhYHCS90uo99hGDXmbYnypiguFv4Et5SkUezjfCHNMzkD4v8kN6-BSKKaUpvBvv2YqwC-l0nUfA1QfnHJ7ife5hL0i46zDhGuKOSx1BWXG3E3qA5ov5nPrpeBTjt4ki3TAcnS4GSOrgePdT1qpUd0as5PKUZie6rPGH3n3bE=&c=RTZHjtQIsAy1wH3pE7KTFissvNkpOuHbqy1gDaOsXbXABp5proXNGw==&ch=DmF2LA2T3-P6Q1y9czXoWdW7MOl6oNVZAQczRScPjV73EUpyBoyheA==) 

Rick Gobbell

Vice President Of Safety & Compliance (rick NULL.gobbell null@null nastc
800.264.8580 (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?f=001KILGpKTZogcqtjepbSOqz5BMJ4Myso590aGuJs0O58vPdMYR3pGF84fNLWe72Sx7pF4QT131LdFP99HLr6apD4vZTi6p0ldFs9AFQUwvivIcR4mBrzBcMaCArFAdYW2AhLjHniFRgTc7-C1__jRK7_Cs3CJ36N4LpOWwhK_Dyfo=&c=RTZHjtQIsAy1wH3pE7KTFissvNkpOuHbqy1gDaOsXbXABp5proXNGw==&ch=DmF2LA2T3-P6Q1y9czXoWdW7MOl6oNVZAQczRScPjV73EUpyBoyheA==)


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IMTA InfoFlash: Western Portions of New York State Thruway Likely to Close Due to Winter Weather Advisory

Due to blizzard like conditions and severe cold temperatures, the Thruway Authority will likely be closing Western portions of the New York State Thruway on the afternoon of January 6. The pending snow fall is anticipated to result in nearly 3 feet of snow at a rate of 3 to 4 inches an hour. This will be a localized lake effect snow event and detour signs will be posted to route vehicles around the storm.


A decision on the closure should be made by 1:00 p.m. this afternoon with a potential closure time around 3:00 p.m. The New York State Motor Truck Association will keep members posted as additional information is received.


The NYSMTA knows that road closures create significant disruptions to carrier operations. The NYSMTA are attempting to discuss the impacts of road closures with state officials but still need data from members. Please contact Kendra at 518-458-9696 or (khems null@null nytrucks to discuss the concerns you have and to provide information about the impact closures such as this have on your operation.


Please visit (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?e=001_9qrjaZzEaBahT8uT1z1CFWWI0HwK_gkHRT9UWKXvSGZT2LnDM4Ejzhxnt9tOvuHe3UpDwZ_6ZkLYx0NWPQax9FmxU8E4pcVEIrT1bs6qZXYrrWDm9DtGQ==) for up-to-date closures in New York. Check out the Traffic & Transit Map/List for the latest closures, truck restrictions, and road conditions.


For road closures in other states:


  • New Jersey: (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?e=001_9qrjaZzEaDDlg58zxZyZ0yByfI8P9gEJUbY5ezNfdfBBxGtfVpnmHFZgbjCe62AJaKY_atTtVwmsOLHEhamdt0kCMS9XUTX6Z2GkC785WV0zH9-fsDyaA==)
  •  Pennsylvania: (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?e=001_9qrjaZzEaC4Om0HTzleOPPg5wfNKfsmS1_EbP6koOMpFUODjxJwcIYDiNsinwduRLQFb8ps_Xz6SavZ5TPErvVloPY9zUH_ibXLnGaKysKQka3X2Ao_Ng==)
  •  Vermont: (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?e=001_9qrjaZzEaDTZJ1hCzSvQ_WYHn-ZhSRRWLn-Q2D56H5Fyo9ZCcHnbZLuwFy73QQM6_rMXyqfrSng1od2fYlRYcCWkU6n5D3FTd3e0pEuRgYNn7nUj80qjKwcRrO9qBpYxhM17cdofndI-6KBoRY_EhX84QRl-nP6)


Please contact IMTA Director of Safety Don Egli with questions at (515) 244.5193.


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Amy and Whitney earn their CTB

CTB logo

“The Transportation Intermediaries Association bestows the designation of Certified Transportation Broker to an individual after the successful completion of an extensive examination program and the satisfaction of ethical and experience requirements.

We Proudly announce that the designation of CERTIFIED TRANSPORTATION BROKER has been earned by Amy Donner and Whitney DeMatteis-Tapia.” – TIA


Whitney and Amy join the following DMTB team members the currently have their CTB: Jimmy DeMatteis, Ben Batten, Eric Davis, Trent McIntyre and Paul Nesbit.

Amy and Whitney receiving their CTB Plaques today!

Amy and Whitney receiving their CTB Plaques today!

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