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IMTA InfoFlash: Operation Safe Driver to be Focus October 19

During the week of October 19-25, 2014, law enforcement agencies across North America will engage in heightened traffic safety enforcement and education aimed at unsafe driving behaviors by both commercial motor vehicle and passenger-vehicle drivers during Operation Safe Driver Week.

During Operation Safe Driver Week, activities will be held across the United States, Canada and Mexico with the goal of increasing commercial vehicle and non-commercial vehicle traffic enforcement, safety belt enforcement, driver roadside inspections and driver regulatory compliance. In addition to enforcement, education is an important component of Operation Safe Driver Week. Law enforcement and transportation safety officials will offer educational and awareness safety programs to the motor carrier population and the motoring public.


For more information about Operation Safe Driver go to

Source: Commercial Vehicle Safety Administration

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Fall Message

With the passing of September this week, we put yet another summer behind us. School has started, kids are busy with fall activities, and the holidays are fast approaching. Through all the activity it can be easy to get caught up in the day to day grind. September also brought “Truck Driver Appreciation Week”, and we at
DMTB would like to take a moment to slow down and show our gratitude to the men and women who work so hard; often unnoticed; to keep our lives and our country functioning on a daily basis. It is so easy to take for granted those fall pumpkins you picked up at the store, or the groceries you purchase for your family gatherings. The slogan “If you got it, a truck brought it” may be cliche, but it is so very true. So to the men and women who work so hard for us every day, THANK YOU and KEEP ON TRUCKIN”!

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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

The DMTB team would like to recognize our professional truck drivers for everything they do to keep America moving!  Did you know that everyone in this country depends on the professional truck driver for most things in their lives without realizing it? Nearly 96% of the gross national product  moves by Truck. These Men and Women spend days on end crisscrossing our highways under tight time schedules to deliver our freight.  Often times they are lucky to get a simple thank you.

This is our opportunity to give them all a special thanks, If you cross paths with one of these hardworking folks take some time and shake their hand for a job well done. If you are a driver and your path crosses by our office please stop in and get this and see us to receive a free gift.

For more information on National Truck Driver Appreciation Week visit the American Trucking Association’s Website


Be sure to ask our staff about upcoming Trucktoberfest as well!

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Georgia’s New Cargo Theft Bill

This past April, Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia signed The Georgia Cargo Theft Act, which went into effect on July 1st of this year. This Act represents the first legislation of its kind in the nation. Prior to this Act, cargo theft cases were treated as mere car thefts and the perpetrators rarely faced serious penalties for their crime. This is true even though cargo thefts can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a result of the lack of serious ramifications, cargo theft has continued to be a major issue for everyone along the supply chain, especially in the top 5 cargo theft states of CA, FL, TX, GA, and IL. It has impacted consumers, unwittingly, in the form of higher prices, as well.


Georgia’s new legislation designates mandatory prison time based on the value of the property stolen once the thief is arrested and convicted. There are a few value ranges, but one example of this would be a theft that is valued between $10,000 and $1M. The punishment, prior to this legislation was negligible, but as of July 1, 2014, it carries a term of not less than 5 and not more than 20 years in prison.


Law enforcement entities and many business organizations in the private sector have been pleading and prodding the legislatures at both the State and Federal levels for several years now. Their efforts have been focused on finding ways to curb the national epidemic that cargo theft has become. The Georgia Cargo Theft Act is a big step forward at the local level and, hopefully with continued pressure and persistence, it will start a trend on the national level, as well.


DMTB is a proud member of Cargo Net. CargoNet provides a layered approach to cargo security with proactive deterrence methods, extensive recovery assistance, and coordinated theft communications. CargoNet’s 24/7/365 support center and subject matter experts become an extension of your company’s security program. Additionally, members receive local and national cargo crime alerts, safety tips, theft trend information, quarterly and annual cargo theft reports, safety education webinars and guides, and much more.

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DMTB at Western Illinois University

Western Illinois Supply Chain Students, come visit Amy and Eric at the Career Fair tomorrow (Sep 10th) between Noon and 4:45. DMTB is looking for motivated individuals to fill spots for Carrier Coordinator and Summer Internship positions. We will also be attending the employer dinner following the Career Fair. This will be our first time at Western Illinois, we look forward to the new opportunity.

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